Services Offered

Wellness Services


Preventive care is key to allowing your pets to maintain a long, quality life. Dr. Riggs prescribes effective vaccination and deworming plans,  flea and tick prevention, runs numerous diagnostics and performs procedures if necessary during wellness visits.

IDEXX Digital X Ray (New Service)


 A new service Dr. Riggs has added for faster processing featuring  clear images with sharper details that allows her to make more confident  and accurate diagnosis and better medical decisions for your patients. 

K-LASER therapy (New Service)


Dr. Riggs has added a K-Laser to the practice and it can help with increased circulation, reduced inflammation, pain reduction and enhanced tissue healing.  

Eastland offers different packages for this service so give them a call and see which one might be best for your pet.  Click on the "Find out More" icon below  and get more detailed information about the K-Laser.  

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Grooming - Dogs & Cats


We have two full time groomers every day and can fit you in anytime.



Routine dental care can prevent dental disease.  Dental disease can release bacteria into the bloodstream which can result in inflammation of the heart, liver and kidney tissue.  Dr. Riggs' dental services include routine cleaning and polishing, tooth extractions, and both major and minor oral surgery.  She recommends cleaning every six months.



Dr. Riggs schedules daily surgeries for spays, neuters, wound care and other general procedures.  Most all patients are released to go home the same day.



We offer Hills Science Diet, Royal Canin and plenty of other products upon request.



We have a full range of prescription medications available to clients and patients with whom we have an established relationship.

House Calls


You can schedule a house call for your pets if you are unable to get them to the clinic.  If your patient needs attention at the clinic we will pick your pet up and take it ourselves.



We offer both day and overnight boarding.  Our staff will constantly check on your pets to make sure they are properly accommodated.

Labratory Testing


We offer the in house IDEXX services along with reference laboratories.

Other Services